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This is a compilation of samples of recordings made by John Powell at the JP STUDIOS RECORDING SUITE and at the Cleveland State University Recording Studio. It contains sound track scores written for various Independent Films, Recordings made for the Cleveland State University School of music, and original music by John and Kyle Hartzell.

The Hazards - "Lost Nation":
This is a three cut demo of the recordings made in December of 08 for the album "Lost Nation" by the Hazards: Nick Baxter, Bass and Vocals; Frank Stanek, Guitars and Vocals; and Richard Berta, Drums.

Time Warp - "Little Wing":
This recording was made in the fall of 2003. It is a live recording made at the Medina Eagles Club of Jimi Hendrix's "Little Wing." It features my father's band Time Warp: Jim Stokes on guitar, David Streiter on the organ, Ben Bisaro on bass, and John Katzbach on drums.

The Gene Harmony Project - BURST:
This is a recording made in the Spring of 2004 as a cut for an album featuring Kyle Hartzell and I. This song was originally recorded to suit a soundtrack for a film Kyle had been working on at the time.

The Gene Harmony Project - IN FIRE OR LIME
This is a recording made in the summer of 2004 for a project that Kyle Hartzell, Mark Evans and John Powell started entitled the Gene Harmony Project. This is the cover song for the album which is still in the making.

This is the timeless jam session that took place in the summer of 2004.
It features Kyle Hartzell improvizing lyrics and mad dissonant guitar solos;
Adam Libby-Tipton on Piano; and Me on drums and overdubbed bass.

John A. Powell - Recording Engineer
All rights reserved