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Custom Workstation Desk built by myself to fit a Behringer MX9000 Mixing Desk

Hafler P3000 Power Amplifiers (2)
Yamaha NS-10M Studio Monitors
KLH Reference Series REF-18 Monitors

Multi-Tracking / Mixing:
Alesis HD-24 Digital Multi-Tracker
Alesis ADAT LX 20 (used for A/D converters)
CEPro 2.1 Software
Behringer MX 9000 24x8x2 Mixing Desk
Behringer MX 3282A (Remote Desk)

Rode Valve and Solid State Mics
Electrovoice Microphones
Audio-Technica Microphones
Shure Microphones
Whirlwind Direct Insert Boxes

Analog Recording / Reproducing:
Tascam 32 1/4" Half Track
Fostex E-8 1/4" Eight Track
Akai GX-630D-SS 1/4" Four Track
Akai GX-4000D 1/4" Quarter Track
Tascam Portastudio 414MkII (I still have mine)

2 Channel Recording / Reproducing Machines:
Sony PCM-R500 DAT Deck
Philips CDR-770 CD Recorder/Player
Nakamichi MR-1 Cassette Deck
Audio-Technica PL-120 Turntable
Ortofon 2M Phono Cartridge W/ Shibata Stylus

Signal Processing / Effects:
DBX Compression
Behringer Tube and Solid State Compression
Lexicon LXP-1 Digital Reverb
Lexicon LXP-5 Digital Delay
Zoom RFX-1000 Digital Reverb

Misc. Equipment:
Acme 5kVA Power Isolation Transformer
DBX PB48 Patch Bays
Pro-co, Mogami, & Canari Cabling
Peavey Instrument Amplifiers

All equipment is serviced in-house by myself
My ears are the best piece of gear I own

Tascam Model 32 Half-Track

Akai GX-630D-SS Four Track, Audio-Technica PL-120 Turntable, Sony PCM-R500, Nakamichi MR1, Fostex E-8 Multi-tracker

The Test Bench

John A. Powell - Recording Engineer
All rights reserved