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Welcome to the JP STUDIOS Web Page!

John at his console.

The JPS Recording Suite:

JPS is a digital/analog sound recording and editing studio capable of recording everything from Classical and Jazz to Rock-and-Roll Music. I can even do Foley sound Effects, ADR, Voice-Overs and music for video and other media sources!

JPS Recording Suite is compatible with almost all formats, so I can transfer your old records or tapes to Compact Disk or MP3. All of my machines are audiophile quality and are in tip top shape so you can be guaranteed a clean transfer. Plus, I have the equipment to thouroghly clean contaminents from the grooves of dirty records and can restore your shedding and unplayable open reel tapes.

Please contact me if you are interested in my services.

About the Engineer:

The Sound Capture stage is the most important stage in any type of prodution, period. I am a firm believer in the "junk in, junk out" ideal. Bad audio dooms a production to the depths of bad quality without any hope of recovery and time that could have been well spent will be wasted. I have been working for the past 10 years perfecting my skills in stereo recording for both musical and video applications, in both the digital and analog worlds, and in a vast varitey of genres. I own several analog and digital recording machines and I know all the theory behind each and every one of them and maintain them all myself. You can read about all of my other gear and microphones in the Equipment page of this site.

I am connected to a myriad of people who can help you get your project off of the ground once the recording and editing stages are complete. I can refer you to a graphic designer to help you with your artwork and a mastering studio where your recording can be finished for commercial release. I can even send your master to a pressing plant that will press your music to a vinyl record if you so desire. But whether I am using a mouse or a razor blade, I can guarantee your satisfaction in quality.

John at the Cleveland State University Recording Studio Console

John A. Powell - Recording Engineer
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