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In the Beginning...
I was first inspired in 1997 by a guitar player named Jim Stokes from the band STOKES BROTHERS who had / has a recording studio in his attic in Cleveland.  He introduced me to ADAT, and the ever-complex methods of drum micing, and since I was a drummer, this concept interested me.
When I entered High School, I met a guitar player named Kyle Hartzell, who I still do work with.  He and I started to recording random things that we came up with, at the time I had been using a Shure SM-58 and a cassette deck to record with, this was deemed a very primitive way of recording a demo.  Later on that year, I received a Tascam Portastudio 414 mkII four-track recorder from my father who is also a musican and he saw that I had an interest in session recording. 
After acquiring a 4-track recorder, I decided to upgrade to some better microphones, so I went to my buddy Bobby Bruno from Bruno Brothers Music and he sold me a Phantom Power supply and a pair of budget microphones that mimicked Neumann's U-87 both electronically and physically.  They sounded 110% better than the pair of Shure SM-58's I had been using.  It was then that I fell in love with the recording art.
That summer, I saved up and bought a truckload of gear, I bought a monitoring system, a recording console, a few new mics and an Alesis LX-20 and I started to record my father's band for demos.
Over those past six years, I have acquired a trained ear and all the knowledge I need to run a recording studio.  I've learned the art of recording on older open reel decks and even rebuilt the unit that I use to this day.  I still use the ADAT machine that I originally purchased in 2000 and still have not parted with my Tascam Portastudio.
Upon entering college, I started working for Cleveland's renowned David Yost at Cleveland State University's recording complex. I am also working on a Bachelor of Arts in Music to gain the credentials to become a professional recording engineer.

John at the Cleveland State University Recording Studio Console

John A. Powell - Recording Engineer
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