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The Chocolate City Massacre

Chocolate City is a jam session inspired by a poem written by a fellow named Adam Libby-Tipton.
We never got a chance to read the poem, discuss a chord progression, or work out a form
because Kyle had mayonnaise on his mind. He just pointed at my control room and said,
"Go hit the button man... NOW!" and what you are listening to is what happened after that.

I (on drums and overdubbed bass) was laughing so hard at parts that I dropped the pulse.
Adam Libby-Tipton on piano
Kyle Hartzell making up words and tweedling the guitar
This session NEVER got a sound check, so I had no idea what the levels were on Kyles microphone.
See if you can spot the digital distortion that occurs on Kyle's vocal track. ENJOY!


We have yet to top this jam session, that is why this is up here.